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From The Other Side!


NEW to James Turner Photography?

Then let me open with a huge HELLO from me and my website.

If you are a former client and you have found your way here from the old website, then a BIG ALOHA to you too!!

First off please accept my sincere apologies. I am, and never have been much of a writer. And setting pen to paper for a blog has always sounded like a horror story in the back of my head. I suspect many people will never read the things I write about here, but if you are then thankyou thank you thank you!

Why a new website?

This is not a rebrand, but more of a sidestepping change to get things more aligned. I have always been ‘James Turner Photography’, but with so many of us ‘James Turner’s’ out there it was near impossible to find a domain name to fit. At the time ‘’ was the closest I could find and that is where I have been happily working from.

Recently luck sparkled upon me and I managed to secure the home where I belong. So welcome again to ‘James Turner Photography .com!’

For any previous customers who may have spotted the absence of any Headshot, commercial or Corporate work on here, please do not despair. Owing to the diverse working procedures and resources I opted to separate the business into two areas. It is a straightforward change on my behalf, and it supports my focus in the right areas as well as improving my workflows.

My quality of work will be kept at the elevated level that I have always operated, and turnaround times will also remain exceptionally quick. As I said, the separation is solely for me behind the scenes to stay orderly and to deliver my work smarter.

So how did I do for my first blog? Hopefully, you managed it to the end, and I look forward to any feedback as well as subject ideas for future posts.

Can’t wait to see you all soon, stay smiling ?

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