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Unique Selling Point

'My USP'

‘My USP’

You’re here because you want or need some type of photography and as a photographer I can provide exactly what you are looking for. But what makes me stand out when every Tom, Dick and Harriet seems to be providing the same service?

Let me throw together a few points I feel raises my name above the rest.

The hand and eye see all – Every part of the process involved in your session is managed and handled by me. Every email or phone call gets answered by me and me alone. I set up and capture the images, and I edit, finish, and print them too. Any product not made in house is given a thorough quality checked by myself. And I am the one knocking at your door to deliver the finished items to you. Know too that when you receive that thank you email, that will have been written by my hand as well.

Delivery times – When I started out, I was horrified at the turnaround times quoted by some photographers. Six months for wedding photos or 30 days for a family portrait. These times sounded crazy and had to be reduced for my way of business. Images for a portrait with me are ready within 7 days while wedding images are completed within a month after the ceremony. Need them sooner? Just ask and I will see what I can do.

Names not numbers – You may think you are being treated as a valued customer, but as some in the industry pile on client after client, they see you as a number with a pound sign, and not a name with a face. I on the other hand will very rarely schedule two sessions in one day. This means we have time if things run over or we chat too much. And it means I still have the feelings and emotions from the day as I begin to edit your images. You may enquire as a customer, but you leave as a friend.

Part of the evolution – As a component of humanity, but also as a photographer. I constantly challenge myself, learn new skills, and grow to make sure I am up to date with techniques and technology. But other photographers churn out the same quality and style they did 10 years ago. When you update your images a year or two down the line, I want you leaving with something slightly similar but totally different.

100% Professional – I mentioned it in a previous blog, and it should be what every photographer should be. But they are sadly not and it is beginning to be a unique feature. When you come to me you are guarantee 100% to receive a outstanding professional service from start to finish.

My mission as a business owner is to be the best I can. To be able to stand head and shoulders above my competition knowing I give a high-quality service to people to expect it and who deserve it.

Thanks for listening and catch you next time.

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