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It's Only A Word, Right?!



It is evident that I use the word, but does it hold much value anymore? Where is the proof behind it? And with so many other photographers out there claiming to be award winning professionals, what does it mean to me and what should it mean to you?

As a professional in this industry here is how I interpret the meaning of the word.

Firstly, the manner in which you handle your customers and how you interact with them.

The way in which I operate during the entire interaction with a client. From the minute first contact is made, throughout the shoot, and even after the products have been delivered. The processes I practise behind the scenes and the standards of which I hold for myself and my work.

Some people imagine being professional means gigantic studios and the most expensive gear. But this is not true. Several of the top photographers in the world still use camera equipment that is well over ten years old. And many do not even own their own studios. These are unrequired luxuries and do not reflect the calibre of your photographer.

Associated professional body membership is a big positive. They lead photographers to strive for improvement. I am constantly being educated and driven by my colleagues and this helps keep my levels elevated as well as my expertise of the industry.

Insurance – Some photographers cover themselves under their house insurance. But in today’s climate this really is not good enough. I know I need something that covers me as not only a photographer, but as a business owner too. I work face to face with clients and so making sure they are protected is of major importance.

How about ‘Award Winning’?

What is the cut off point in which an award holds no value or reflection upon the photographer? Many photographers out there seem to ride the wave of awards, even after their styles have changed.

I often enter competitions with my images. But instead of plastering my pages with little ribbons to gather dust. I have decided to blog about the images, what they have won, and most importantly what it means to me.

If you made it to the end of my second blog, then well done.

Stay safe, and stay smiling ?

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